Hear from our long standing customers

"I have been using Canadasurfs since its inception and both the service and the support is exemplary. We are out in the woods and yet I do not feel isolated as there is a speedy wide band connexion to the world right here far from cable and DSL”. - Neil F. Woodbend Area, Alberta   

 “We have been clients of Broadband Surfer/Canadasurfs for numerous years with very little down time. We have been very impressed by the speed and knowledge of staff to recognize, troubleshoot and/or repair any problems. We are also impressed by their commitment to the community."- Lorne, Heather and Lexie P.

“A quick note of thanks to Stephen and Birgith at Broadband Surfer Canada for the excellent customer service over the past few years. It is great to have reliable high speed internet service although it is the customer service that I am most impressed with. Anytime I have had an issue that requires support a prompt phone call or immediate attention is given through the server.” (sent to Stony Plain Reporter - Rants and Raves) - Brandy Schutz, 24/7 Wastewater Transport     


"i choose not to be a slave to big box corporate internet  providers.   i proudly support local organic options, and am never  disappointed.   canadasurfs is a low fat, cholesterol free, healthy choice  for body, mind, pc, and finances."  J.P.


"You can sign me up for another year contract. I wanted to mention something  about your service staff. Two young men were out to replace my rooftop receiver  a week or so ago and I wanted to acknowledge the great job they are doing for  your company. It was a snowy almost blizzard conditions when they changed our  unit. There were the most cordial and professional pair I’ve met in recent  memory. I caught one name “Stephen” and the other lad I didn’t get his name but  he made an impression on me with his huge smile and positive attitude." 

Richard R. 


"I would love to renew my contract.  I have been incredibly impressed with your  service.  I especially appreciate the way you handled a recent service call - I  was treated like I actually knew what I was talking about, no one read from a  script, when someone had to actually come out to repair our system, it was  scheduled in a timely fashion." Cheryl A.

I have been with Broadband Surfer for since June 2019 and have had incredible service and great internet out in the country. Birgith is a wonderful woman, I recently have had some issues and she was more than happy to work with me so that I could continue to have internet, they treat you like family. Their service is the best I've ever encountered. The reliable connection they provide is better than the land line that was previously here. Any issues and they are right on it. I would highly recommend this company to anyone. Thanks again to everyone at Broadband Surfer Canada for the great service. I look forward to dealing with your company for many years to come.😊

Sharon S, Parkland County, AB

Joined two years ago (2017) and this company is so far ahead of what else’s is out there, in service, reception, speed and price. If you are looking for a dependable internet service this is the one.

Phil D. Parkland County AB