About Us


Experienced and Trusted

Broadband Surfer Canada Inc. began delivering Canadasurfs high speed internet in Parkland County in 2005. We have seen multiple providers in Parkland County come and go, yet we remain strong and vibrant. We are a family run, home based business built on rural values.  We  care deeply about our community and the service we provide.  Our reputation  as trustworthy and reliable  has been  built upon word of mouth. We work hard to protect our clients through our responsible and respectful  development and were previously presented with the Parkland County Business of the Month Award. 

Future Proof Technology

We deploy leading edge Cambium Networks technologies  that are continually  upgraded allowing us to be confident in offering three unlimited packages. Deployments of Cambium's 450 platform and cnMedusa™ technology enables us to provide significantly higher speeds  which allows us the  capacity and  flexibility  to design a custom package to suit your needs.  

We are connected to Alberta SuperNet - which is the  trusted source of band width for governments, schools and libraries across  the Province . This backbone supports  our 18  broadcast locations in Parkland, southern Lac Ste Anne and northern Leduc Counties.

Responsible Development

 We ensure we comply with all municipal, provincial and federal laws and regulations - we do not allow our developments to become vulnerable as a result of taking short cuts on compliance. We carry commercial insurance and Workman's Compensation coverage for our employees, thereby protecting you.  As well we have clear and comprehensive policies and contracts.

We care about the environment. In addition, to providing a  premium service which supports telecommuting and home based businesses, we  have one tower that is 100% off the grid - powered by solar and wind.  We look forward to using green energy at more of our sites.