Galloping Fast Internet

Built on rural values - grown on leading edge technology.

Galloping Fast Internet

Built on rural values - grown on leading edge technology.

A message to our subscribers


May 8, 2020

Happy Mother’s Day!  This year has brought so many challenges and realizations  about what is important in life as we social distance, stay at home and help each other remain healthy during the greatest health crisis of our times.  Many of our elders are currently unable to experience the physical connection to family.   Thankfully, there  are many ways to get close - we see it in family’s visiting through windows, drive by’s or music played to a loved one on a balcony.  The  wonder and value  of relationships stands out in a poignant but marvellous way these days.

As we recognize our Mother’s this weekend, we plan to celebrate and reflect on the amazing realizations that have come our way, honouring our mother’s with renewed appreciation.  We hope we can help you reach out to the ones you love and may be missing as well.  Let us know if we can assist you. Stay safe from your friends at Canadasurfs High Speed Internet - Birgith, Liz, Stephen, Shelby, Bradley and David


April 25, 2020

We just wanted to share our sincere appreciation for the support you provide us in keeping our staff safe by troubleshooting over the phone and social distancing when we are out.  We all have a new appreciation of the internet as we work our way through the pandemic and how it affords us the ability to continue to work from home, educate our kids and keep connected socially.  

The importance of Internet was evident when we started in 2004, but it’s evolution as a key aspect of our everyday life was not.   What has not changed for us is our appreciation of our communities, of the heroes we work with everyday keeping our lives and economy running. We knew in 2004 that we could only do this work in partnership with our neighbours - in fact 125 of our neighbours signed a support letter to change the county by-law allowing us to operate from our backyard.  As we continued to expand and provide the service to a broader area, this has not changed - it has just taken on an unexpected new meaning.   Thank you for keeping our staff safe and being such great partners in providing this service.

April 4, 2020

These are  trying times and we continue to be out there working behind the scenes, climbing on roofs, upgrading our infrastructure, social distancing and monitoring health and safety in our interactions.  
Yes, we are designated as an essential service but beyond that as a long standing family business we also know many of our subscribers by name and have a commitment as members of the community we serve.  We appreciate the encouragement we receive daily from you and will begin posting these on our Facebook page (non-identifying).  

Everything matters - from staying home and self isolating to showing encouragement and appreciation to each other.   Thank you for your continued encouragement and for supporting our work in so many ways!

Stephen, Birgith, Shelby, Liz and Bradley 


March 28, 2020

As an essential service we are focused on keeping the service running, adding capacity given the escalating demands, and completing repairs as needed.   We are also fielding calls from families who need functional internet and will continue to complete installs; however, keeping our staff safe and healthy means that we are asking screening questions and avoiding entering  the home/personal contact if possible - this may mean we ask you to assist as we pull cable through a wall or have you get the power supply sitting on your front step with instructions as to how to plug it in.  If you are contemplating ordering the service, please review our contract, acceptable use and privacy policies on our website prior to staff coming out. Typically our staff would review this with you and this can still occur but over the phone.  Please call us should you have any questions or concerns 780-669-1001.  Stay home, stay safe and social distance - and we will continue working behind the scenes, your friends at canadasurfs.

March 21, 2020

    Since we started delivering Internet in 2005, we have seen unprecedented challenges and natural disasters across the province including floods, wind storms and wildfire as well as challenging economic times and now a pandemic.

     Reliable, affordable Internet services are critical in our day-to-day lives as well as to support the economy - especially now. We want to assure you that we are continually upgrading our network, responding to client calls and requests for service. This includes field work such as service upgrades and repairs as they arise. Our staff will continue to complete work outside your home as usual; should there be a need to interact with you or enter or your home, they will ask screening questions and require social distancing be maintained. As much communication as possible will be completed by phone.

We recognize you may require additional speeds and wish to remind you that we offer three unlimited packages and will work with you to develop a custom package should you need this. Additionally, we continue to respond to calls for service and continue to complete installations, again, taking care to ensure the safety our staff and clients. Should there be any service interruptions, please check our message on 780-669-1001 for updates.

These are difficult times. We are so thankful to be Canadians and Albertans and we will continue to work hard to do our part. Please stay safe and remain healthy and call if we can assist.

Your friends at Canadasurfs Internet,

Stephen, Birgith, Liz, Bradley and Shelby